Our Farm


In the autumn of 1957, Pierre HOEFFEL bought the first Charolais cows, a breed unknown in Alsace at the time. That was in Handschuheim, a village with land devoted to mixed crop farming, close to Strasbourg.

Over the years the herd grew, and available pasture had to be found elsewhere. In 1966, Pierre Hoeffel and his livestock (then a total of 50 mother cows of pure Charolais breed) moved to a new estate in WALBOURG. In 1973 the entire herd consisted only of animals listed in Book A. For thirty years now, the breeding his steady with 120 mother cows and five or six bulls for service.


The farming occupies 160 hectares (400 acres) of natural grazing land, hay surface and silage grass, and also 40 hectares of crops. The most of these cereals is used for feeding the animals.

The whole land is located near the village in two large sectors.